Vax launches world's lightest compact multi-cyclonic upright vacuum cleaner

For super powerful suction you don’t need a super-sized vacuum cleaner. The new Vax Air3 Compact is exceptionally small and nimble, so it zips around your furniture in a flash and takes up very little cupboard space, yet it has all the cleaning power of a full-sized multi-cyclonic upright vacuum cleaner.

Created in Birmingham by Vax’s British design team, the Air3 Compact has a low-profile, compact floorhead with patented Air Motion technology, so it’s very easy to manoeuvre under and around your furniture. Air Motion lets you twist and turn around tables and chairs with a gentle flick of the wrist making cleaning almost effortless.

Weighing just 4kg2, the Air3 Compact’s small size means it’s ideal if your home is pushed for space. It’s easier to carry too, so if you’ve got lots of stairs you can take it to the top without breaking a sweat. But while it may be small in stature, it’s more than capable of taking on the heavy-weights when it comes to suction. Its multi-cyclonic technology efficiently separates dust and dirt particles from the air path, minimising clogging in the filters. This means it doesn’t lose suction, so you can clean your house quicker and more thoroughly, every time3. It’s easy to use and ergonomic too, as you can switch off the brushbar for cleaning your hard floors at the touch of a button and its telescopic handle means it suits everyone, short or tall.

Richard Waters, Senior Product Designer at Vax, commented: “Our challenge was to make the lightest full-size multi-cyclonic upright in the world even smaller and lighter, but keeping all the cleaning power you’d expect from a regular sized Air vacuum cleaner. The Air3 Compact gives you the perfect combination of great suction performance in an ultra compact and ultra lightweight design, making cleaning almost effortless for anyone who uses it.”

The Vax Air3 Compact is available from major retailers and direct from priced at RRP £229.99. For more information visit or call the UK-based Vax Customer Careline on 0844 412 8455.

Notes for editors:

1. Vax holds the largest share of GB floorcare market with 27% of total unit sales in the past twelve months (Jul12-Jun13). (Source GfK, Total Floorcare Market, Volume Sales, Jul12 -Jun13)

2. Weighs 4kg in use.

3. In accordance with independent laboratory testing to IEC standard 60312. Machine must be maintained as instructed in the user guide.

For all press enquiries please email the Vax Press Office on