Vax introduces new range of floor cleaning solutions – helping you give some TLC to your LLC

Vax, the UK’s best-selling floorcare brand, is launching a new range of floor cleaning solutions, starting with its streak free laminate floor cleaner.

The new hard floor cleaner is designed especially for people who want to give some TLC to their LLC (laminate, lino or cork), featuring as it does specially formulated NANO technology which keeps water out, helps protect joints, prevent swelling and even protects flooring.

Arran Barclay, General Manager of Vax Solutions, said: “This range has been specially designed for people who maybe don’t have room for our specialist cleaning machines, or who want a quick fix, but who do want to give some TLC to their flooring.

“What makes our laminate floor cleaner special is our NANO technology, which means that spills simply bead on top of your floor surface, rather than getting absorbed into the laminate, lino or cork.

“Alongside that, our solution also helps provide anti-swell protection for all exposed joints and edges. In fact, the more regularly you use it, the more protection you get.

“And that’s because we recognise that your floor is your pride and joy, so we’ve developed our solution to not only make it look fantastic but also to help it to last even longer.”

To clean and protect your floors, wash them regularly with three capfuls of Vax Laminate Floor Cleaner diluted in 5 litres of lukewarm water, using a damp, well-wrung out mop.  It leaves a streak-free, protective finish with no residue build-up and its ‘Ultimate Orange’ citrus scent leaves your home smelling clean and fresh. 

Vax streak free Laminate Floor Cleaner is available from major retailers and for RRP £4.99.

Notes for editors:
1. Vax holds the largest share of the UK floorcare market by volume and increased its share in 2011 by 12% year on year. (Source: GfK RT UK, Floorcare (Vacuum Cleaners + Steam Cleaners) Total Market, Volume % Share, Jan-Dec 2011)


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