Dyson ordered to pay floorcare rival £200k

Courts once again reject Dyson's complaint against Vax.

The Court of Appeal have ordered Dyson to pay rival Vax's costs, totaling almost £200k, after ruling that the Mach Zen vacuum cleaner has its own, individual design.

President of International Floorcare and Vax Managing Director Simon Lawson made this statement to the press: "I am proud of our UK based Design and Innovation team - performance is everything - and in the Mach Zen they have created a vacuum cleaner that is quieter and more powerful than any other multi-cyclonic cylinder on the market."

Designed with people in mind, the Vax Mach Zen is:

1. 70% quieter than conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners1.

2. High performance - it generates 350 air watts of powerful multi-cyclonic suction2.

3. Excellent value at RRP £199.99.

4. Guaranteed for 6 years.For more information on Vax vacuum cleaners and carpet washers visit http://www.vax.co.uk.

1. Compared to the UK's best selling cylinder vacuum cleaners. Measured to IEC 60704-2-1.2. 350 air watts. Measured to IEC 60312 Sec 2.8. No loss of suction in accordance with IEC 60312. Machine must be maintained as instructed in the user guide.

For all press enquiries please email the Vax Press Office on PR@vax.co.uk.