Spring clean your outdoor spaces

Once spring has sprung, outdoor mess becomes harder to ignore, and the mountain of tasks for spring cleaning can seems insurmountable. Adding a pressure washer to your arsenal is an effective – and fun – way to quickly blast away all the dirt and muck that has built up over winter.

Graham Curtis, Pressure Washing Category Leader at Vax, gives some top tips and tricks on how to give a little TLC to your walls, garden furniture, patios and more this spring:

Q. We’re looking to sell our home this year. What can we do to give our property some added curb appeal without breaking the bank?
A. When it comes to selling your property, a neat and tidy exterior can drastically decrease the amount of time your home stays on the market. Pressure washing your outdoor space is a great way of doing this, as it’s incredibly cost-effective and easy to do if you have the right equipment – and could even add value to your home. Whether it’s your weather-beaten brick walls, mucky windows, green wooden decking, or stained driveway, a quick pressure wash can revitalise surfaces and take the hard work out of preparing your house ready for viewings.

Q. What can a pressure washer do that my hose can’t?
A. The principle of using a hose pipe to clean is basically the same as a pressure washer. Both use a constant flow of water to dislodge dirt and leave behind a clean area. The difference is that a pressure washer uses a high powered electric motor and series of pumps to generate an extremely concentrated jet of water. This jet has the power to blast dirt and grime away, leaving only a nice clean surface.

Q. I am on a water meter, will a pressure washer cost me a lot to use?
A. No, in fact using a pressure washer can actually use less water than using your hose pipe. By generating a highly concentrated high powered jet of water it can remove dirt and grime from outdoor surfaces really quickly, meaning you can clean in less time, save water and get a better result too! To save even more water and money, connect your pressure washer to a water butt to recycle rain water into powerful cleaning performance.

Q. I’ve never used a pressure washer before, can I use it anywhere outdoors?
A. Pressure washers are ideal for a multitude of different uses outside your home and in your garden, including on stone, masonry, decking, fencing, barbecues, garden furniture, bikes and much more. Some pressure washers come with tools specifically designed for cleaning your patio, your car or even your alloy wheels. These tools maximise the effectiveness of the powerful water jet for the specific task. When used with a pressure washer detergent, there is almost nothing you can’t clean as good as new!

Delivering high powered cleaning, Vax’s range of robust and versatile pressure washers enable you to complete a range of outdoor cleaning tasks, with prices ranging from £69.99 to £199.99. Vax also offers a range of specially formulated pressure washer detergents, to aid the removal of dirt from outdoor surfaces.


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