Watching Euro 2016 at home? Be careful who you invite around

According to Vax, only 29% of Brits take off their shoes at other people’s houses...

With Euro 2016 kicking off this month, football fever once again hits the UK as millions of Brits gear up to watch the “big match” in the comfort of their own home.  But, what happens when the final whistle blows and you’re left picking up the mess left behind? 

Research released today by Vax shows that less than a third (29%) of Brits remove their shoes when visiting someone else’s house. This is despite the nation’s biggest carpet bug bear being muddy footprints, with more than a third (39%) moaning about this pet hate. 

Northern Ireland may have come top of their group in qualifying for the European Championship, but they also ranked top of the league when it came to not taking their shoes off, with only a staggering 3% removing their footwear when visiting a friend’s house. 

Men are more likely to take off their shoes at home (48%) than females (45%). Yet it seems men expect a lot less from their own mates, as only 33% would actually ask a friend to take off their shoes when they arrive. The fairer sex on the other hand rarely need asking, with 92% of women most likely to remove their footwear when visiting.

But while we can ask our friends to take their shoes off, we can’t do the same with our pets.  We Brits are a nation of pet lovers with approximately 8.5m dogs living happily in a quarter of UK homes, no doubt enjoying the football and celebratory atmosphere as much as we do.  But true love comes at a cost!  Our furry friends are particularly problematic when it comes to keeping carpets clean. 

Vax’s research discovered that most pets are allowed a free rein around the family home, with a huge 94% of pet owners allowing their companions on their carpets.  However, only a third of pets always have their paws cleaned when coming in from outside. And over 40% are allowed straight back indoors, whether their feet are muddy or not! 

All this traffic means that carpets get a lot of wear and tear. If a family of four only leaves the house once a day, that’s 2,920 dirty footprints tracked onto the carpet every year.  With that in mind, it’s perhaps less surprising that up to 300mg of soil is brought into the average home, every day*. 

Add those much loved paws running in from the garden twice a day and you’ve got a total of almost 6,000 paw and foot prints over the carpet annually. That’s before visits from friends, family, tradesmen or anything else gets factored in. 

Naomi Martin, Head of Category - Carpet Washers at Vax, comments: “You just can’t beat the warm, welcoming feel of a carpeted home. But most of us struggle to keep our carpets looking clean, as every day our families, friends and pets walk dirt into our homes. That dirt gets trodden deeper into the carpet pile and damages the fibres, so they quickly start to look dull and worn. Not to mention all the dust mites, bacteria, mould and other nasties they can harbour. That’s why whether you and your guests remove your shoes before coming into the house can make such a big difference to the lifespan of the carpet. Regular washing also helps prolong carpet life, as well as leaving it looking and smelling like new again.”

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* Source: Environmental Geochemistry and Health, Dec 2008, Volume 30, Issue 6

Taken from a sample of 2,017 people. 

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