Vax Air Cordless Lift: the UK’s first cordless lift-out

Combining cordless convenience with an innovative lift-out design, the Air Cordless Lift lets you clean floors and above the floor with ease. It's designed to make cleaning your house as quick and convenient as possible. Cord-free cleaning means no more plugging and unplugging or getting tangled in the cord, while the lift-out function gives you instant extra reach above the floor, so you can easily tackle stairs, upholstery and even your car. Equipped with Vax’s LithiumLifeTM battery technology, it delivers up to 60 minutes2 of long lasting cleaning power, so it’s the only vacuum you’ll ever need!

Lift-out cylinder

If you struggle to use a conventional upright vacuum on your stairs, this model’s new ‘Lift-out’ design provides the ideal solution, as it seamlessly transforms into a portable cylinder vacuum at the click of a button.

Ease of use

Vax’s steerable technology means you can navigate around furniture, corners and other obstacles simply by twisting the handle and manoeuvring the machine in the direction that you want to go.

At just 5.5 kg, the Air Cordless Lift is ultra-lightweight when in use and it’s a breeze to carry from room to room or up and down stairs. And as it has built-in LED lights, you are able to see more dust and dirt than ever before, ensuring you get a really thorough and consistent clean.
With a boost button at the ready, you can achieve even more suction to tackle embedded dirt and pet hair, while the removable cleaning wand lets you instantly switch to above floor cleaning to put the whole room within reach.

Cyclonic technology

Vax’s cyclonic technology delivers constant powerful suction3 whilst the WindTunnel3 Technology provides three channels of suction across the width of the floor head for a powerful performance. This also helps lift and remove embedded dirt across both carpets and hard floors.

LithiumLifeTM battery system

The Air Cordless Lift Solo is equipped with one LithiumLifeTM battery delivering up to 30 minutes4 of long lasting cleaning power, while the Air Cordless Lift Duo comes with two LithiumLifeTM batteries, enabling double the run time of up to 60 minutes2

A 6 year guarantee gives you total peace of mind5.

The Air Cordless Lift range is available from major retailers and direct from priced from RRP £249.99.
For more information visit or call the UK-based Vax Customer Careline on 0330 026 8455.

Notes to editors:
1. As per GfK market data, Jan 2014.
2. Combined average using 2 batteries across carpets and hard floors. Standard Mode. Results for individual floor types may vary.
3. Per IEC60312-1 1st Edition, 5.9. Machine must be maintained as instructed in the user guide. Tested to max fill line. Pick up performance compared to leading GfK handsticks Dec 2013. Wilton carpet.
4. Average using 1 battery across carpets and hard floors. Standard Mode. Results for individual floor types may vary.
5. Subject to registration. Battery guarantee 2 years. Terms and conditions and exclusions apply.

Customer reviews of Air Cordless Lift:

***** Absolutely fabulous
“I am blown away how easy is picks up my pet hair, my home has never been cleaner.” Chris R, UK

***** Very impressed
"...vacuuming is a breeze now thanks to this powerful vacuum and the fact that is cordless is an added bonus." Scarla, West Yorkshire

***** A revelation in cleaning
"So easy to use picks up dust very well. The head is very easy to move and best of all - no cable - nothing to trip over!" Leigh84, County Durham


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