Top 10 cleaning tips to get your home summer party ready

The nights are lighter, the days are warmer and everyone’s in the mood to socialise and have fun and what better way than a party? There’s food to prepare, an outfit to choose and most importantly, we need to clean!

It’s probably the most dreaded part of your party preparation but we make it simple and easy with these top 10 tips (so you have more time to focus on your beautiful self).

1. Wash your windows
It may be difficult to avoid during this sunny season, but try not to clean your windows on a warm day as they will dry too quickly and probably streak. On sunny days, you can see every mark and smear on your windows so it’s essential you clean them before your party. Plus, if they’re squeaky clean, more light will shine through. A good tip is to use the traditional method of scrunched up newspaper and your preferred glass cleaner for the best shine.

2. Clean up outside
If the weather is nice, you may want to pop outside and enjoy the warm evening breeze, but you don’t want to do that sitting on furniture layered with moss and dirt. This is the perfect time to break out your pressure washer - they’re small but pack a mighty punch and will clear the pathway (literally!) to cleaner, brighter patio and decking: we recommend using a patio wash tool attachment for the quickest clean. If you decide you’ll want to throw some meat on the barbecue to feed your guests, a pressure washer is the perfect solution for giving it that well deserved clean without the effort.

3. Remove dust
This seems like an obvious thing to do, but we’ve found an even quicker way than using a duster is to use a lint roller. You can swiftly remove dust from lampshades and furniture by rolling it over dusty objects and fabrics.

4. Clean your kitchen bin
While we doubt anyone will be rooting around in your bin, the kitchen is often a focal area of a party so it’s best to make sure the bin doesn’t pong. The best way to clean it is to take it into the shower and give it a good scrub down with hot soapy water or diluted bleach. This will eliminate any lingering smells and ensure its germ free.

5. Get cordless
You want to spend as little time as possible cleaning so we recommend going cordless with your vacuum, as it’s faster and much more convenient. If there’s a few crumbs that need picking up or a last minute dust around, you don’t have to get your vacuum out from the cupboard then unravel the cord, plug it in and so on. The Vax Air Cordless Lift is a full size upright vacuum with up to 60 minutes runtime*. This model’s new ‘Lift-out’ design seamlessly transforms into a portable cylinder vacuum at the push of a button. Once you’ve used the upright on your carpets and hard floors, simply lift off the lightweight detachable cylinder to quickly clean your stairs, furniture and upholstery.

6. Your home needs to smell nice
If you’re going to put effort into cleaning, you want people to know you’ve cleaned. Scented candles aren’t the safest option for a party and we want to avoid any disasters. So try spraying perfume or rubbing scented oil on a cool lightbulb instead, then when its dried turn the light on and it will emit a lovely fragrance all around your home.

7. Clean sinks and drains
Sinks and drains can carry more germs than your toilet bowl! Yes you did read that correctly.  Make sure you use a sufficient drain cleaner that will deodorise any smells, and use bleach to disinfect any lingering germs. A sink is a much visited area during a party and you want to make sure it smells and looks clean.

8. Disinfect your sponge
If an accidental wine glass knocks onto the floor the last thing you want is to reveal your dirty sauce-stained sponge to the world. Make sure it’s stain free and if you want to quickly disinfect before the party, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes until steam arises and the germs should be gone.

9. Clean with steam
Steam cleaning is a fun, easy and some say an addictive way to hygienically clean a huge range of surfaces around your home, all with one machine. A multifunctional steam cleaner can be used to clean floors, door handles, upholstery, and you can even use a window attachment for your windows and glass. The uses are unlimited and it means you don’t have to switch between different cloths, sprays, liquids and brushes. They certainly make a fast but effective cleaning option before a party.

10. Don’t forget the hallway
It’s so important to create a good first impression and your hallway is the first glimpse visitors have of your home. So make sure you have a clean doormat for feet and wash your door with hot soapy water. Your hall is a high traffic area, so ensuring the floors are clean and clutter is stored away is also important.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the party! But before you know it the fun is over and you’ll need to prepare for a post party clean up. We know it’s horrible thinking about cleaning the day after a party, but it has to be done.

Don’t forget to clean sticky surfaces, put bags full of rubbish in the skip and tackle any stains. If the worst should happen and someone spills wine on your carpet, first pat it gently with kitchen roll (don’t rub) to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and then use an extraction carpet cleaner for best results.

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