New Year, New Home Resolutions with the Vax Air Cordless

January is a great time to make new resolutions, not just for you but for your home too.  Cleaning can be therapeutic, and what better way to beat those January blues than by having a clean home! It doesn’t have to take too much time or effort these days either, as innovations in technology have eliminated much of the hassle associated with cleaning. The trick says Vax, is understanding which product is best suited to removing dirt quickly and easily, so you can spend less time cleaning but still achieve maximum results.

Making one simple change can make all the difference. For example, with the new Vax Air Cordless there’s no need to plug in your machine as its Lithium LifeTM batteries provide 50 minutes of runtime*, meaning you can nip from room to room and forget about tripping over the cord. Unlike other cordless vacuums it has a generous dust capacity of 1.05 litres, so you can clean for longer without stopping to empty the bin. Even better, it is suitable for all floor surfaces that need clearing of dirt ahead of a wet clean. Whether it’s kitchen crumbs, pet hairs or just general dust, it can be surprising how much dirt the Air Cordless can pick up. It has WindTunnel3TM technology that utilises three channels of suction to help lift and remove dirt, while dual cyclones provide long lasting suction.

Go lightweight and ultra-manoeuvrable. It’s simpler and quicker to clean using a light swivel-action machine such as the Vax Air Cordless. Its AirMotionTM technology lets you zip around all your furniture with ease.

Use the hose as it is excellent for reaching those often forgotten areas, such as skirting boards and the tops of curtains which we only occasionally see.

Go for a ‘little and often’ approach and ditch the big clean. Regular quick cleans will suffice to keep on top of build-up. State of the art vacuum cleaners are also compact and so keeping it readily accessible for a quick refresh whenever required is easy.

Choose peace of mind with a 6-year Vax guarantee included as standard on the Air Cordless, including both its batteries.


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